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Find everything you need to know to create, launch, and manage your sites on the Pantheon platform with your self-paced courses and virtual instructor-led training.

Your Training Hub to Learn About the Pantheon Platform

Want to learn more about Pantheon features, getting started with your first project, or ready to activate a new Pantheon feature on an existing site?  Pantheon Learning is your destination to get started quickly. Available to customers, partners, and agencies, Pantheon Learning’s catalog offers courses covering onboarding education, targeted courses for individual roles, and you can track and continue to build your knowledge. 

Pantheon Learning Formats

Pantheon Learning is available in 2 convenient formats to meet your schedule and learning style.

Self-Paced Training Courses

Learn how to get the most out of your Pantheon Platform by taking our free e-learning courses at your own pace, anywhere, with no time constraints. Our Onboarding learning path will get you started with basics and off to a great start. Quizzes help you cement your understanding of the content covered.

Virtual Instructor-led Training

Weekly Sessions

Complement your knowledge with our free virtual, instructor-led training sessions that dive into more advanced topics. Classes have a maximum of 15 attendees to ensure our instructor can dedicate time to answering all your questions.


Additional Pantheon Resources

  • Pantheon Demo

    Are you brand new to the Pantheon platform? This is the best place to start. Learn how to get started with free Drupal and WordPress development environments and automated Git-based workflows.

  • Resources

    Looking for inspiration for your next project? Take a look at our catalogue of case studies, webinars, ebooks, and more to learn best practices and success stories from Pantheon users with similar needs.

  • Documentation

    Our Docs site is the most comprehensive place to get step-by-step instructions and specs on Pantheon. New documentation is added daily and open to public contributions.

  • Product Guides

    We’ve compiled several step-by-step guides on our most requested trainings. Topics range from getting started on the platform to mastering the Pantheon command line. There is something for all experience levels.

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