Pantheon's Position on Content on our Platform

Pantheon is committed to being an open internet platform. We firmly believe the Open Web is the world’s most important, global, public commons. Built as a set of standards, the Open Web is designed to be governed by no entity and to be open to creativity and innovation from anywhere, with no gatekeepers. This means it will include values and perspectives that vary widely. In this spirit, Pantheon’s default position is to refrain from moderating what our customers publish.

We are committed to protecting the founding intent of the Open Web. The commitment is complex, especially when a customer’s mission opposes values Pantheon embraces internally. 

The service agreement that all Pantheon customers and partners agree to outlines the categories of content that are prohibited from our platform. Because no policy is free from interpretation or capable of anticipating every scenario, an escalation process is in place to address content that potentially violates that agreement. It’s important to note that this process is designed to identify and address specific content that violates our service agreement and not evaluate the mission or character of the organizations responsible for posting the content.  

While our platform is particularly well suited for media, political campaigns, and advocacy organizations,  we intentionally refrain from bringing our personal beliefs and political viewpoints into customer interactions. As a company, we believe Pantheon can make a bigger difference in the world by supporting opportunities for positive impact than by limiting the use of the platform.