Tableau Finds Faster Iteration Leads to Faster Innovation on Pantheon

"Your website is absolutely critical. It’s essential that Marketing runs it, and runs it well." — Elissa Fink, CMO at Tableau



  • Improving collaboration between engineering and marketing to enable more frequent releases
  • Slow development cycles and a long and painful deployment process 
  • Unrealized ROI from new product launches 



  • Multidev development practices
  • Continuous integration and deployment via Dev/Test/Live workflow 
  • Improved site performance and stability


Why Pantheon?

  • Decreased reliance on overextended, internal engineering teams
  • Improved lead capture rate, driven by blazing fast site performance
  • Multidev environments and continuous integration and deployment workflow



  • Faster sprint and release cycles
  • Increased marketing team autonomy
  • Confidence that nothing will break on deployment


Tableau Software is an analytics and business intelligence solution that helps over 32,000 customers see and understand their data in visually compelling ways. 

The company had just launched Tableau Public, a free service that enabled anyone to create and share data visualizations online. This was a groundbreaking service, but it required a lot of infrastructure and operational resources.


Eric Peterson, the manager of marketing systems engineering, knew his team needed better, more efficient workflows to keep up with these dueling resource demands. They worked out a vision: clean, automated workflows that made website deployments easier. Repeatable processes for common requests. One-click staging environments and updates.

“Marketing needs to iterate rapidly to deliver leads at scale. Pantheon is the only way we can do that.”

—Eric Peterson, Marketing Systems Engineering



Pantheon helped Tableau’s teams collaborate on their sites more quickly and intelligently, eliminating unnecessary delays in pushing new features or content updates. For the Tableau team, Pantheon’s WebOps workflow has made a huge difference. They wanted—and got—a platform that allows for continuous integration, where they can safely test changes in multiple branches without breaking anything in production. “Now our process is clever from beginning to end,” says Peterson. “We’re not worried about any go-live surprises. Instead we can immediately turn our focus toward what we want to do next.”

Pantheon enabled our developer team and our marketers to work more collaboratively on creative things that got people engaged with Tableau.

—Elissa Fink, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Development sprint cycles and marketing releases cut from one month to one week
  • Deployment-related go-live surprises have virtually disappeared with Pantheon’s WebOps workflow
  • The marketing team feels empowered to drive website lead generation efforts without having to rely on engineering
  • Tableau marketing continues to improve conversion and retention rates with its loyal customers


Download the full Tableau case study here.

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