Custom Upstreams

10s, 100s, or 1000s of sites? No problem with Pantheon Custom Upstreams.

Centralized Management for Drupal & WordPress Sites

WordPress and Drupal are increasingly popular CMS platform choices for organizations managing large volumes of sites. But as site numbers grow and demands become more diverse, the choice between enforcing standards and allowing individual sites flexibility to meet unique goals can become a real struggle. Pantheon Upstreams gives you the best of both worlds, enabling control over site standards while still allowing customization when needed, all without introducing any single points of failure.

Freedom to customize when you want.

Enjoy all the richness of Drupal and WordPress without creating chaos in your organization.


Develop pre-configured start states, and spin up every site from the established templates.


Spin-up new sites in minutes. Each can incorporate unique content and designs.


Safely add new functionality and features to individual sites without impacting others.

Our Upstreams workflow is instantly scalable. It frees up the equivalent of 2-3 full-time employees who used to manage web hosting.

Daniel Garcia-Mont, Director of Information Technology Services, ASU

Top Developers Recommend Upstreams over Multisite

Site Factory and other Drupal Multisite architectures create single points of failure, make site customization a nightmare, and put all the burden on a central team.

  • No single points of failure in shared codebase or infrastructure
  • Expand beyond limited feature-sets and “cookie-cutter” sites
  • Leverage site-specific teams and developers where needed
  • Federated model for site-level ownership and central control


Want more than a blog in a box? 

Go beyond WordPress Multisites.

Pantheon’s Upstreams workflow is the only solution that allows large organizations to adopt WordPress as a fully featured CMS platform.

  • Turn the web's most popular blog into an enterprise CMS
  • Give site owners the richness and innovation of open source
  • Managed releases instead of cowboy coding
  • Guarantee security and scalability to all sites on your Upstream


Build Site Foundations

With Pantheon Upstreams, you package your core CMS, custom code, theme, and open source components into a desired start-state to use over and over again. Spin up new sites in seconds, with the ability to release improvements to the shared upstream code at scale. No more starting from scratch or needing senior talent to set up a new project, no more headaches over updates.

Don’t Get Boxed In

Build the foundation for sites in your Upstream, with freedom to customize later. Every downstream instance of a site gets its own repository and deployment pipeline. This means you can automate mass deployments from the Upstream, without limiting individual sites from having unique features.

Changes and customizations added to one site will not impact others using the same Upstream. This allows you to bring on site-specific developers, contractors, or agencies to develop in isolation of your full site portfolio.

Eliminate Single Points of Failure

Senior developers build and iterate in an external Git repository and push changes to all sites using the Pantheon Upstream. Updates can then be incorporated with a single click.

All sites using a Pantheon Upstream are given isolated resources and their own deployment pipeline, eliminating single points of failure. Forget about a new line of code breaking every site, and start engaging a wider pool of talent to collaborate on projects.